Tuesday, January 29, 2008

click ads and get paid

AdverCash advertisers combines intuition to get new customers, intuition with customers to get more cash.
We take an ad advertisers, invite a member to access the site for some time, and earn some money while doing so.
Advertisers and customers, while members gain gain real money!

All you have to do is click on an ad. Simple enough right? No skill, energy, work, or simply click on an ad to see it at least 30 seconds, and receive! For each ad visited, you will receive $ 0.01. It is not enough? Well, if you can give someone, you get a bonus $ 0.01 and $ 0.01 for each ad click them too! You can also make offers, the more you earn dollars of that on top, and you will receive 10% of its routing of supply earnings!

And if that were not enough, for all the 20 ads you click, you receive a free lottery ticket!
You can use this lottery ticket to win up to $ 25 instantly! No text attached!
Click on 20 ads, receive a winning lottery ticket, the balance balcony!

After receiving a minimum of $ 12.50 in your account balance AdverCash, you can ask to receive the money via PayPal transfer money, or through a cheque the EU Post Service (currently available only to EU members.
After his application was accepted paypal (within 3 days), you will receive a transfer directly to your account. We send payments by check on 15 and on 30 of each month! Once your check balcony was approved your check will be sent in the next submission date.
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